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Saint George. The night England lost the World Cup. Hyde Park, London.
The Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia
Poodle, Crufts
Ken and Barbie, Kentucky
Twenty Three and a Quarter Inch Arms, Muscle Beach, LA
WTF Crufts
The Luger, Kentucky
Elvis, Las Vegas
Tijuana Mariachi, Mexico
Toygun, Kentucky
We Do Not Take Ammo Back
Totenkopf, Kentucky
Full Beard Freestyle, Berlin
Wig Shop, Knoxville
Tijuana Mariachi with Guitar, Mexico
The Colonel, France
The Anarchist cookbook
Temptation, New Orleans
Temptation, Eureka Springs
Stay strong, Ground Zero, New York
They Found Him, Ground Zero, NY
Sinatra, Las Vegas
Six hours to Cairo
KFC In god we trust, USA
KFC Giza Fried Chicken, Egypt
Twenty Three and a Quarter Inch Arms, Venice Beach, LA
Sexy Cop, Notting Hill Carnival
School Disco, On a Tube
Salute Son, Kentucky
Napalm, Kentucky
Moose and Guns, Kentucky
Monkey, Marrakesh
Lost, Las Vegas
Kill Em All, Kentucky
Key West
Karaoke, Magalluf
Hippy kid, Burning Man, Devon
Love, Notting Hill Carnival
Funland, Blackpool
Elvis, Tornado and Freestyle goatee, Berlin
Drag Queen Race, Key West
Cold Beer, Arkansas
Chin Beards, Berlin
Branson Biker, Missouri
Dead Smiley, Kentucky
Buy a Gun, Kentucky
But I didn't Shoot the Deputy, Berlin
Bullrider Gay Rodeo, Arkansas
Bull Matadors, Madrid
Bull Audience, Madrid
Notting Hill Carnival
Bingo, Scotland
The Meeting of the Waters, towards Edinburgh
The Meeting of the Waters. Birmingham.
Summer, Elvis Festival, Dagenham
Maria's Swan, Hyde Park